OATA Meeting Waivers

OATA Liability Waiver

By registering for the OATA Clinical Symposia, herein after called “The Activity” I,  “Releasor”, for myself, my heirs, devisees, personal representatives and assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge, hold harmless and covenant not to sue the Oklahoma Athletic Trainers’ Association (OATA), its officers, employees and agents for any and all claims for liability from personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death) or property loss arising from, but not limited to, participation in The Activity. Participation in The Activity may include hands-on demonstration which carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be fully determined regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries.

I, the Releasor, hereby also assume full responsibility for any loss, injury, damage or claim due directly or indirectly to OATA’s negligence directly or indirectly connected to The Activity.

I, the Releasor, further expressly agree that this waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law and that if any portion of it is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall notwithstanding continue in full legal force and effect.

This waiver is governed by the laws of, and will be interpreted by courts in the state of Oklahoma.

I, the Releasor, further warrant and agree that I have carefully read the foregoing waiver and understand and agree to be bound by its contents.

OATA Filming Waiver

By participating in the programs and events of the OATA Clinical Symposia, I consent to the photographing and videographing of me and any minor children accompanying me by OATA and the media. I grant OATA the right to use images of me and any minors accompanying me in all forms for all purposes, including any advertising, trade or commercial purpose, and I waive all royalty and compensation rights.